1. first layer: "w" - wings

the inner struts represent the structure of a bird's wings.
a comforting symbol, perhaps.

greater meaning becomes apparent as further layers are understood.

we are as birds.

2. second layer: "m" - mother

the inner struts form a "w", when viewed upright;
and an "m", upside-down.

in this state, it represents "The Mother".

The Mother takes many forms. frequently as the Holy Mother, "mary".

The Mother takes us under Her wing.
She may, or may not, guide us.

we are as birds, beholden to Our Mother.

3. third layer: "w" - welcoming - with outstretched arms

the inner struts represent a pair of outstretched arms.

The Mother welcomes us to take shelter under Her wing.
we invoke the truss in order that we may be conduits of Her power.

we are as birds, beholden to Our Mother,
who welcomes us with outstretched arms.